Wednesday, August 17, 2011

39 Hour update - yep, i added pics..

So after yesterday's pity part on myself and feeling discouraged, I made a pact with myself once I headed to bed. If I saw No Change this morning, I was going to wrap again.
I spoke to the rep at It's About You! (whom I purchased the product from) and realized I did not take a HOT shower before hand so it didn't open up the pores. So maybe I didn't get the full effect.

This morning, knowing full well, there would be No Change in my body, I got dressed, grabbed the measuring tape & camera and headed to the bathroom to feel down..


Even just looking in the mirror this morning, I knew something was different. My pouch (saggy c-section flappy thing) seemed shorter. The scale went down a pound, the measuring tape didn't have to stretch as far.

I actually cracked a smile... 
Now, this is not HUGE and while I still have the urge and itch to take a mulligan and wrap again, but  I shall resist.

So since my 48 hours time is at the end of the day when I have had breakfast & snacks and water weight just attacking me all day, I chose to measure this morning. The progress is slow.. I am not that awesome individual that wraps once & looses 20" & 50 lbs (that's an exaggeration by the way), but I am happy to actually see a result in the mirror, as well as on the measuring tape.

So now I continue.. I'll grab my water bottle and a small breakfast.. (Yes, it's 9:48a and I have yet to eat), and get my day going.

Gotta get moving to make a permanent change, right!

I forgot to add the picture of my wrapped up self in my 1st post, so I am including it today.. This was Monday when I wrapped myself... I eventually smoothed it out and wore a body hugging tank top to keep it in place :)

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