Monday, August 22, 2011

After wrap #2 - the results are in

So after my last post, I decided to do wrap #2 a little early since
my 39 hours results did not change to the next day.

Just to recap, Here is my 1st set of pics:

After my 2nd wrap, here are the results:

I am still not done. I have 2 more wraps in my box. I am debating on when to do them.

Our weekend was crazy as it was the last weekend before summer.. Today, the first day of school!

Tomorrow begins anew; after taking the boys to school, Cj and I will be returning to the YMCA for our daily workout. I had taken a summer break and now, with some inches lost, I plan on helping it along with exercise.

I finally shared my pictures and things with hubby, since he hadn't noticed it already..
I was so happy to show him the inches I lost..
He was happy, I think..His reaction was not what I had hoped it would be.. oh well..

While I wish I had dramatic results, I can still tell you that I have lost.. inches..

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