Friday, August 19, 2011

Carmex Blog Squad Strikes again! Review and Giveaway

I have the privilege of being a part of the Carmex Blog Squad. I received some great new items to try out and absolutely LOVE them!

•1st item is the Carmex Lime Twist click stick:
I'm not a Lime fan but hubby is and he's also a lip balm fanatic! This click stick was awesome for him.
I believe it's currently on his desk and he uses it daily.

•2nd item is the Carmex Vanilla Click stick:
I had the opportunity to smell it and then it was ripped from my hands and claimed by my 8 year old...
Yes, Luke is his Father's son and loves to keep his lips moisturized and he has told me on several occasions how much he loves the Vanilla..

Both of these sticks have all the moisture ingredients of the fantastic Carmex lip balm product line, but add a flavor that makes using them, that much more enjoyable.

•3rd item i received:
Carmex Moisture Plus Satin Gloss Finish. This stick has Aloe, Vitamin E, and SPF 15.. Plus, a hint of shine

•4th item:
A fabulous striped blanket that is self contained and perfect for the park. Picnics are much more relaxing when I am sitting on this super soft striped blanket. The opposite side is a black ground friendly fabric so it doesn't ruin the soft blanket side.

Do you love the Carmex line?
Want to win all the products I just mentioned above?
Enter below and you would receive this Awesome End of Summer Carmex Kit!
**I am a Carmex Blogger for the Carmex Blog Squad. I received the products above for review purposes. All opinions above are that of my family and myself.


  1. I love how Carmex keeps my lips smooth and chapped free :)

    Jeana O'donnell-Murphy
    jeanagirl1 at yahoo dot com

  2. I love how good it makes my lips feel. captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. Love that it goes on smoothly without feeling tacky.

  4. I like how it helps to heal my cold sores

    tiramisu392 (at)

  5. I have used Carmex forever and love that it really works to protect and moisturize.
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  6. I love carmex because when my lips are chapped it's one of the only things that works for me!

  7. I love Carmex because I know I can trust it to help my chapped lips in winter! (which is coming soon!)

    Thanks for the chance to win :)

    avalenti6936 at yahoo dot com

  8. i love carmex because if works on keeping my lips chap free

  9. I love Carmex because its a great brand at a reasonable price.
    kershuk at comcast dot net


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