Friday, August 26, 2011

First Week Down!

The first week of school is over for us! Anthony L♥ves Kindergarten and Luke is adjusting well to 3rd grade.

Cj had is 1st Kids Morning out of the school year and was so excited to go and play with friends.. Sometimes I'm sad I didn't put him in a 2's class, but I think financially, it will be better. He and I are going to plan some great field trips together this year :D

The pool in the backyard came down and is packed up. I knew that if I left it up, it would get nasty!

Tonight, Luke and his dad and Uncle are going to a Wrestling Match.. The local Florida style fake WWE kind.. Luke thinks John Cena or Triple H are going to be there, but I am trying to convince him they are not. Regardless, he will have a good time...

I am ready to get geared up for all the School year / Cub Scout Year has to offer !!!

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  1. oh how sad, the pools down, summer must be over lol


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