Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is it wrong to be happy that school is beginning again?

Our children look forward to summer vacation. Sleeping in, swimming and playing all day. I look forward to a break in the routine. We get to see Hubby off to work as a family[something the boys love and hubby does too], or have lunch with him. We love to enjoy vacations with no rushing back because we don't want the kids to miss a day of school.

But over the last week or so, I've been secretly looking forward to it. Looking forward to Anthony starting Kindergarten and meet new friends. Excited for Luke to get back into the swing of things and begin 3rd grade. Our Scout routine starts back, CCD, and back to Karate, since we took a break.
There are 19 days (including weekends) left. We do have some fun things still planned. Luke has a fun birthday party to go to (go-karts, arcade, putt putt and (gulp) bungee jumping[trampoline style]), a day at the bounce house place Jump Zone (which I scored a great Eversave deal on).
Anthony loves to ride his bike to the library with his best friend and (our next door neighbor) and his mom. Of course we have the pool, friends, family birthdays (which means yummy cake Papa makes from scratch).

I'll be at home with just one child. Just my 2 year old. And then, he'll spend one day a week back in Kids Morning Out.

You know what will happen a month into school, we'll start counting down to breaks, holidays, and days off and by April, we'll begin the itch for summer vacation again.

My friend in Georgia, her son began school this past Monday, but of course, he gets out of school earlier too. She called to express her sheer joy over how nice it was to shop without a child (she only has one), or get a haircut without waiting for her hubby to get off of work. I was a tad bit jealous. I want that time back.

But even though I am longing for school to start, for that time from 8:35 to 2:50 except on early release days, I am going to miss my monster trolls. Their little brother will miss them. He will wander around the house looking for them. I'll miss them playing int he pool, or peeking in on them watching a movie.

Are you looking forward to school? Or longing for summer break to be longer...

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