Saturday, August 13, 2011

Massaging Gel Insoles make my feet Super Happy ! #imabzzagent

I love my Tennis Shoes again!
After a week of them in NY, I wanted never again to put on my tennis shoes. The thought made me cringe. My feet hurt for what seemed like forever.

Thanks to Bzzagent, I have been able to receive, review, and enjoy some Sr. Scholl's Massage gel Insoles. For 3 days, I've been living in my tennis shoes. We did some back to school shopping yesterday and I loved it! I didn't take my shoes off in the car because my feet hurt so much...

The Massaging Gel Insoles are cushioned inserts that help provide all day comfort and support for your feet.

I am looking forward to hitting the gym again because my feet won't hurt. I'll be motivated to walk more because I won't dread putting on my shoes.

Dr. Scholl's

I received Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Inserts as a part of the Bzz Agent Program.
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  1. Would love one to try them out! I live just outside NYC and I commute everywhere! So, walking is a must for me... would love to try these out with my tennis shoes. Filled out the form, Thanks!


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