Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Vulnerable Update: Not quite 24 hours later

So I posted last week that I had decided to try the Fat Blasting Wrap..
Well, my 1st shipment arrived yesterday (Monday) and I tried my 1st one.
The 1st wrap, you are only supposed to wear it for 45 minutes.
I did my measurements, took my before photos and wrapped my belly..
I set the oven timer because well, I can get distracted easily with the 3 boys pulling me this way and that.

After all was done, I did not get that awesome "OMG" feeling like I had hoped. Why, My before and 50 minute later pictures look exactly the same... Not like what I have seen online. Heck, I guarantee my 24 hour picture will look just like my 50 minute later picture...

But there was a small change and I did ONLY wear it for 45 minutes..

Please note these are my personal pictures. It is difficult enough to take them and look at them, much less share them. Please do not post negative or rude comments...

I dislike drinking water .. PERIOD, but I am on 40 oz right now... I'm hoping this helps...

My 24 hour picture will be at 5:20p tonight, 48 Hours=5:20p Wednesday, & 72 hours=5:20p Thursday.

I can wrap every 72 hours. We have alot going on Friday so I will wrap on Saturday Morning.
I am easily discouraged and this is no exception. Right now I am feeling a bit down about it but I didn't get like this overnight and I cannot expect it to go away overnight.

3 C-Sections really just did a number on my body  although I have struggled all my life with my weight.

I'll be posting about my journey regularly and keeping myself Vulnerable !


  1. I am proud of you and sure you will do fine!

  2. DO NOT BE ASHAMED OF YOUR BELLY. I know its hard and every woman struggles to like their weight but you are a mum and unless you are rich and famous thats what happens after having kids. I have 4 boys. I have stretch marks and flabby skin. I dont like it but thats the way I am. I had anorexia when I was younger and it was only when I was told that I wouldnt be able to have kids if I kept doing what I was doing. It was a real struggle but I put up weight and got pregnant. It was hard to see my body get so big but I kept thinking that what was growing inside was worth it. After 4 pregnancies Im no supermodel but I wouldnt want to be. Im a mum. Dont be upset, it all takes time and you should be proud you made a start. You are beautiful no matter what!!

  3. Congrats for taking the first steps to make a healthier you. As 2nat said : DONT BE ASHAMED..... I think it takes courage to set a goal and work towards it. But in addition to that, you're sharing your journey with all your readers. That shows me a strong willed person who is determined to meet her goal. Kudos to you. I am happy for you and wish you the best along the way with your journey. But Just remember.... we are all unique for a reason... the world would be dull without lovely mother curves... I will follow you on your journey towards reaching your goal... YOU CAN DO IT MOMMA!!!! *Cheers*

  4. Never feel shame for wanting to be and get healthier. I think what you did is very courageous. Just keep moving on and Congrats.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  5. Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone.. It's a hard struggle and I know I am not alone... I have many reasons to want to lose this but they are not for anyone, which is the ultimately the most important thing, it is for ME !


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