Thursday, August 18, 2011

SHMILY Coins - My loved ones now know! (Review and Giveaway)

Do you know S.H.M.I.L.Y.?

There are a few people I love, who now know about it!
SHMILY stands for "See how much I love you!"

These coins stemmed from a very beautiful and heartwarming story, which you can read at your leisure here.

SHMILY Coins are wonderful tokens you can use for anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

My tokens have been used for:
1) My husband. He was having a bad day. I am going to use his email as a quote:
"I should have known it would be a tough start when I got cut off on the road by two people, get stuck in my car waiting for the monsoon to subside, make a mad dash to the building and my socks and pants are soaked and just as I predicted, first thing out of xxx’s mouth, “I thought you were coming in at 11 today?” (Hubby worked a different shift and someone thinks hubby should work later than he does)
The boys and I grabbed hubby a pair of socks, a sweet pick-me-up card (i always keep them on hand) and a SHMILY and headed up to work.. Hubby was grateful for the dry socks and on our way back home, he texted me to tell me he enjoyed our card and he LOVED the SHMILY Coin!

2)My brother:
My little brother has had a rough life (not being sarcastic) and I won't go into details for his sake. I sent him a card of encouragement (he lives in Louisiana) and added one to a picture of his 3 nephews. He keeps it in his truck and everytime he goes anywhere, he knows there are at least 3 people, who adore him.

3) My Friend:
I  haven't sent it yet, but I'm going to today. She is a dear friend and we have become close over the past 1 1/2 to 2 years. Our children will now go to separate schools and we won't see each other constantly, but I want her to know I cherish her friendship, and the fact she takes my Anthony to her house on occasion  ;)

4) Luke:
Luke's coin is reserved. There is going to come a time during the 3rd grade where he is going to need that coin from me. I am saving it for that time, but I can assure you, once he gets it, it will go in a place of honor. It may possibly stay in his backpack all year for a very special reminder when needed.

5) TBD:
I am saving the last one.. I don't know when or to whom I will deliver it, but I know they will love it!

You too can share SMILY Coins with someone... Just enter to win below:

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  1. My step-mom and step-sister both need one right now. My step-sister is very sick. :(

  2. My mom needs one from me

    nparshy at gmail dot com

  3. My husband is a repo man, and his work has been really tough lately -- he had to close down his business and go back to work for other companies instead. It's been a big blow to his ego and with money being so tight, I haven't helped much with my attitude. I owe him a SHMILY.

  4. my daughter who is starting middle school

  5. MY daughter :)

    Karen Gonyea
    ktgonyea at

  6. I would love to give one to my terrific hubby and some friends overseas.

  7. My fiance keeps having bad days, I'd love to be able to present him with a shmily coin to. I could also use them for my church family.

  8. My friend Debbie really needs one of these

  9. My oldest daughter needs a SHMILY from me :)


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