Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So True ...

We can only learn to love by loving.”

― Iris Murdoch
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I try my best (though not so much lately) to leave little notes of my love for hubby. I'll mail cards to work (shhhhh don't tell the boss) or put notes in his lunchbox. I try to show him in little ways how I feel. Though actions speak louder than words, they both work hand in hand I feel, when I do this.

I do the same thing for Luke (8) and Anthony (5). I leave notes of acknowledgment, love, and praise for Luke. He already has some self-esteem issues and I like to praise him things he does, when appropriate. Anthony is learning to read, so mostly, it's drawings of he and I holding hands with words I know he can read. I'll leave them in their beds when they wake or hang them with tape on a wall or door so they see them at a specific time.

Some days it's more difficult to write those notes or draw those pictures, more than others. But it's important for me to show them and for them to know...

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  1. I do the same thing. I love writing in general. I love showing other's that I love them. I think just seeing a smile on their face is the best feeling in the world. I leave messages in my finace's lunch box as well. My daughter can't read as well but she knows her shapes. I'd draw things such as an eye, a heart, and the letter U. (She know's some of her letters) I think you can never tell/show someone how much you love them. And I feel that you never know when the Lord may decide to take someone. Therefore, I always try to be sure that those who I care about know that I love them.


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