Monday, September 19, 2011

Great Mamapedia Deals

This Halloween, let your child’s imagination take flight with a quality costume from PowerCapes. All capes, costumes, masks, and accessories are handmade from quality fabrics. Build your own custom cape, or select one of their 3,000 ready-to-ship styles. Make it personal by adding your caped crusader’s monogram. Long after the last trick or treat of the night, your child will enjoy countless hours of dress-up fun and pretend play.
Keep kids safe in parking lots—and gain priceless peace of mind—with Parking Pals. These illustrated hand magnets stick to the side of your vehicle, making it fun for kids to “high five” as they wait for you to accompany them. After a couple of learning sessions, Parking Pals will become a regular part of your parking lot routine. Choose from seven fun, colorful designs—order one for each child so everyone will have a “home base” while exiting or entering the car.

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