Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hanging with Mom

Christopher and I have spent the last two days home. No errands, minimal chores, just he and I

We've played football, golf, drawn, built wonderful items with Mega Bloks, watched Little Einsteins and Max and Ruby, taken some pictures and then CJ's favorite pastime, the bath!

How I found him this morning

Mega Bloks flower bouquet for Mommy

This is his favorite ~Cheese~ face ☺
Bath Time is our favorite time! Can't forget the bubbles

Christopher and I having some cuddle time..

I love when they love to play and cuddle. Anthony and Luke are either playing toys, have headphones on, or outside with friends and Christopher tries his hardest to be a part of that. But when they are at school, I am his world.. It won't last much loner so I am going to enjoy it to it's fullest!

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  1. This makes me miss having my Annabelle being little again. She wants to spend less time with me now that she's a big Kindergartner.


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