Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Home Improvement Projects

We own our home, and have for over a decade. We are constantly doing home improvements.
There's painting, or appliances, changing the layouts of rooms, or getting new furniture.The outside is a constant with the lawn and maintenance of the shrubs and things.

In 2003, my awesome little brother created an outdoor patio for us. He framed and poured a 13' x 13' concrete slab which we enjoyed for the past 8 years. But we felt it was time to expand.

Our little corner of the world in the backyard

Last week, we finally took the leap. We added a 21' extension to our existing patio. It's SO awesome!
The ground is ready

A portion is done

Matching up to the previous porch

And the completed project

It looks amazing now and we have spread out our inherited furniture across the porch. Christopher (2) loves to ride is little trike across it and around the tables.

But are we done? Of course not.

There are shrubs to plant, citronella torches to fend off the horrible mosquito's, and some nice barrel planters to find for the porch.

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