Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Office Depot Print Services and Customer Service is HORRIBLE!!!

I was working on some Cub Scout certificates and wanted them to look nice, so I decided to use Office Depot's Printing Center. I have a newer store up the road, so I processed it early in the morning and wanted to pick them up later in the afternoon.

I go through the entire order and at the end it gives me a shipping cost but them gives a credit since I am wanting to pick up the 8 little $.10 cent certificates.

Once I process the order, it charges me shipping, ugh !

•I called to have the order cancelled, or at least have the shipping charges removed, as I just wanted to pick these up.
•The 1st phone call was about 20 minutes before they told me they had to send a request to have the order cancelled. Fine.
•The next day, I receive an email stating my request to cancel had been sent. Good.
•The same day, I receive a UPS tracking number. Not so Good.
•I call back, get the same run around.. A credit request has been put in. No worries.
•Two days later, I get a shipping notification. WHAT !!!???!!!
•I call again. 4th time to get this resolved. The order states it has been cancelled. There is a credit request on file. I don't need to do anything.
The charge on my account shows expired, cool!
•Guess what.. The order shows up at my door..

What's even better. With all the frustration, I had already had to revise the certificate and took it to the Office depot up the road and had it printed in less than an hour.

•I check my account again, charged!
•So now, I just spend more than 30 minutes on the phone with Office Depot. No one cares that I cancelled this the same day, no one cares that I have an email stating it was going to be cancelled. No one cares that I have a credit request number given to me on my 3rd phone call.

NOW, I have to wait 4 business hours to have someone call me to tell me when this package (thankfully I still have and did not discard) will be picked up and then once it's returned to where-ever, in 5-7 business days I should receive my credit. Should ?

I am beyond Office Depot right now. I will not shop there again. I will drive 10 minutes further to go to Staples. I will recycle my ink cartridges, purchase school and scout supplies at Staples.

Thank you for the most miserable shopping experience EVER, O.D.

ugh !

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