Friday, September 30, 2011

This quote is so true

“If you do nothing unexpected, nothing unexpected happens.”
― Fay Weldon

(Thank you

How many of us feel this way? I definitely do.
But it's so true! When you do something out of the ordinary, no matter what it is, you get results. Whether it's holding the door open, help a stranger, put down the book and play with the kids, or take a walk... you always get something unexpected in return.

Sometimes because the result isn't immediate, we don't think that we've received the "payback" that we think we deserve.

My son is a perfect example.. When we first began Palm Harbor community Outreach, he said "Mom, I am doing good things and you said good things will happen because of it, but today I fell, scraped my knee, and Anthony (his little brother) hit me with a stick, how is that good?"
I had to explain to him that our good deed is not repayed that way. That our rewards don't necessarily come in an instant or that the rewards are ours.
When we donate food, there are families who reap the benefits. They get to eat. When we hold the door open for someone and they say thank you, it's warm fuzzies in your heart.
Because of his efforts and our getting the word out, friends and family have donated money and food to F.E.A.S.T. to help others. This is a "reward" because of Luke's conversations, others are helping and even more people have food to eat, even more families are fed.

Sometime this weekend, do something unexpected, not to see if it comes back, but just to do it!
Let me know what you did!

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