Saturday, September 24, 2011

We'll be in Boy Scouts of America, but first, Cub Scouts

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boy Scouts of America for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Boy Scouts of America is a fantastic program. Now, I have never been in the program (obviously), being a girl, but my husband was a scout for a number of years.

To Be A Scout, means you are respectful, not only to others, but nature as well.

My son is not a Boy Scout, not yet at least. Luke is a Cub Scout. Scouting begins in 1st grade. This is when Luke began. He was a Tiger, then a Wolf, and now in 3rd grade, he is beginning his Bear trail. He has 2 more years in Cub Scouts and then will be a Boy Scout.

Cub Scouts meet with their Den, which is a group of boys in the same grade, within the same pack. Our Pack has amazing leaders. We have fabulous meetings. We do crafts, learn about other cultures, make instruments, and go on field trips.

Luke loves to earn belt loops, pins and patches with Scouts. You complete activities to earn belt loops and pins. These activities can range from Sports, to crafts, to learning activities. The patches are for events. He has received them for attending Tampa Bat Rays  and Clearwater Threshers Baseball games, for participating in our local parade, caroling at a local retirement facility, and for Popcorn sales.

Scouts is not all about what they can earn. Scouting is a mindset. You need to focus to do well, just as in school and in life. You make new friends and have to follow directions.

The scouts in our pack go on camping trips throughout the year and participate in hiking and canoeing. We are going to Kennedy Space Center and spending the night (in February), where we will learn about just all the amazing things NASA has done through the Space Program.

Now, scouting may be for boys, but the whole family can be involved. I am the communications representative for our Pack. I take the notes, keep our website up to date and make sure all the information about monthly meetings and activities are out to our parents. My husband helps during camp outs, crossovers, the Pinewood and Space Derbies and the summer Raingutter Regatta. My 2 year old provides all the cuddles to the parents whose babies are all grown up (and he loves the attention) and my 5 year old is taking this all in because next year, he will be a scout. Advertisement

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