Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Well, glad that's over with !

The -get the boys- routine from school is pretty much uneventful and boring.

Today was an exception. I pulled into my little part of the world, to park and wait for my scootering boys to meet me. As I got out of the car, I notice this nail next to my tire... This could have been very very bad ! That nail is a good 12" long..

Anthony had fallen on his scooter so he was a little sad.

We get home backpacks get put away, homework comes out and
Anthony freaks out and tells me that he has a crayon up his nose..
WHAT ?!?!

Low and behold, my kid had a broken tip of a green crayon up in his nasal passage way. Did he tell anyone at school? No, of course not. Did he show any signs of discomfort at school? I have no idea.

I made him blow his nose and out it flew! ugh.... He said, "I don't know how it got up there Mommy?"
Really, the tip of a green crayon just broke off & flew up your nose?

Anything interesting happen to you today?


  1. LMAO sorry, sorry I made sure he was okay before snorting out a laugh, but holy cow that is funny.

    I had 4 girls, but the grandson- the boys are a whole new ballgame! Not necessarily harder, but so very very different.

  2. Nothing interesting happened to me today, but it sure is a mystery how that crayon ended up there :)

    Good thing it came out easy!

  3. So the only thing I got out of him was... "I accidentally put it up my nose".. How do you "accidentally" put a crayon tip in your nose? I love him so much but he sometimes baffles me.


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