Sunday, September 25, 2011

Whew, what a weekend!

It's been a wild few days.
Anthony had a sinus infection, was put on an antibiotic, didn't work and on Thursday, came home with 100+ fever.. my poor guy :( He's on a new med, slept all day Friday and is 100% now !

I had a swollen gland under my neck and ended up at the dentist because it was affecting my gums. Mind you, I have not seen a dentist in 2.5 years. Now I'm on an antibiotic.

Luke had to miss a field trip with the scouts on Friday because we were not sure of Anthony was contagious, so we didn't want to risk anyone else's children getting this..

The weekend was spent planing shrubs along out new patio extension (it looks awesome), lawn work, and errands.

Today went by so fast!

I was supposed to host a Myer's House Party too.. but with Anthony sick, we cancelled. Hubby & I though, we tried the Strawberry Daiquiri Freeze and Shake.. YUCK! It was so much alcohol, you couldn't taste the Strawberry. The mudslide too.. But it was too much chocolate and alcohol.
I used to be able to handle liquor, apparently not anymore.. That was just nasty!

Me being silly while Hubby and I sipped really strong drinks!

All in all, if was a good but busy weekend.

Oh, and I joined Weight Watchers...  I just need to do something, you know.. I'm doing online, no meetings..

Let's see..  We have Blogmania coming

I'm a sponsor in Adventure's of 8's Halloween Giveaway Event

It's going to be a busy week.. My Monday is already full of errands, shopping, children's activities (Anthony is taking swimming lessons, yes at the end of September), Scouts, home....
My list seems to grow each hour...

I'm here, Do not fret...

I'll have some good things going soon!

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