Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Haircuts, Why do Moms go last?

Today was a special day. Not because Anthony had a Nursery Rhyme Play (which I missed since it lasted less than 30 minutes).
Not because we have nowhere to be after school (yay!)

No, it's because Mommy got a haircut.

It was really just a trim, but the last time it was
cut/trimmed was the last week of June.
It's very subtle and if you are my husband, you may not even notice.
But I notice.
I notice no more split or dry ends.
Oh the Glory of it all !!

Why do we get our children's haircuts routinely, and send our husbands out when they are beginning to look shaggy, but for the most part, we put ourselves last?
A haircut isn't much time, depending on where you go, not much money, but still, we put it off.

Not today, today was for my hair. Today, I felt first.
Well, until everyone comes home from school that is..

How often do you get your hair cut?

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