Saturday, October 15, 2011

I love family time!

Hubby took Friday off, since he has so much time with being at his job almost 17 years.We had a Cub Scout Bike ride (den meeting), and then Karate & swim lessons.
I love when he is able to enjoy MY daily things. He would normally be at work.

Hubby and 2 other parents rode with the boys after doing extensive bike safety. We had lunch, played on the playground and just enjoyed a nice October afternoon.

My eldest decided that next weekend, he wants to be in a karate tournament. Hubby got to watch him in class. It's nice to watch his progress.

My 5 year old is finishing up swim lessons. Monday he will take his test. But on Friday, he finally , finally had a dream come true.. He was able to jump off the diving board into 11 feet of water. His swim teacher was right there and Anth made the swim across the pool and then to the wall.
it was AMAZING!

Today, instead of chores, we went to a fall festival at a local church with my bestie (her family) and a friend (and her family). The 2 older boys had armbands and rode anything and everything they could.
Hubby even rode some, as did my 2.5 year old. yes, I took lots of pictures!

As for blogging, I do have some great posts I need to get up (Yoplait, Shutterfly, Scrubbing Bubbles) and scheduled as well as letting you know that I will be hosting a Shutterfly Holiday giveaway (yay). Friday is my birthday, so I am trying to think of a good 1 day giveaway.

Sunday will be busy again with Cub Scout popcorn Show and Sell as well as taking Anth to the pool to get him some swimming practice before Monday.

Monday, i am finally getting a new phone. I am SO EXCITED! I have been counting the days (literally). I am staying with Verizon and considering the Incredible 2...We shall See!

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