Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Juppy Review ~ The Only Baby Walker That Fits In A Purse!

The Juppy Baby Walker is a non-traditional,
parent-assisted baby walker used to safely teach babies how
                    to walk sooner while eliminating dangerous falls. The baby is placed safely in the seat of the Juppy, and while standing upright the parent simply holds on to the soft cotton straps giving the baby confidence and support.  Typically parents tend to hold their babies by the hands or under the arms to teach them to walk. This causes stress and strain on the lower back of the parent and could cause injuries to the child's arms or joints.
The Juppy Baby Walker reduces your pain and eliminates possible injury to your child.

My Sister-In-Law tried the Juppy with my niece. Gabs was not so thrilled initially.
That lasted about 3 days. But Gabs was really wanting to walk and my SIL really wanted to help her, so the Juppy ended up being a favorite within the 1st week.
This is my SIL's 2nd daughter and she told me that it was much easier to hold my niece in the Juppy with Gabs than it was holding Izzy's hands when she was learning. My SIL's back hurt less and the risk of her daughter legging go and falling was taken away.

You can visit the Juppy blog and read how this device has helped many others and their children.

Disclosre: A juppy was provided to me for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions expressed are those who tested the product.

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