Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Birthday evening

First, Thank you to everyone who wished my a Happy Birthday via my Birthday Giveaway yesterday.
It was a good  great AMAZING day!
My 2yo and I spent a nice day hanging out. Nothing special, just an normal Friday.
My 8yo had karate and was told he could test for his next belt (yay). My 5 year old just was as awesome as ever.
I have 3 very wonderful boys!

So hubby took me out to dinner to The Columbia at Sand Key. A nice Columbian restaurant on the Beach. Amazing food, great service, nice atmosphere (a little overpriced).

taken with my new Samsung Charge

He seemed giddy and I was waiting for a clown to jump out or the staff to sing to me but it didn't happen.
He and the boys got me 3 birthstone charms for my "Pandora" style bracelet.

Upon my arrival home, my In-laws, who had been watching our boys seemed giddy. I couldn't figure it out.
Then a knock on the door, and a family friend walked in. I admit I was surprised to see her as she was out of town, just got back and we had made plans for the weekend.

But that wasn't my surprise...

My surprise was my baby brother walking through the door. I spoke to him earlier and he said he was in Louisiana (where he lived). But there he was, in my family room.

But Wait, There's more !!

I am then told, that my little brother, my only blood sibling, packed up everything, and drove from LA to FL to live here again :) Closer to his nephews who adore him, closer to me...

I am grateful to our family friend because she made this possible. He is in her house (spare room) and rent free for now. (They also dated a million years ago and she is like my little sister now as well).

Now I understand why everyone was acting weird around me and why hubby was giddy all night.

The best Birthday EVER!!!

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