Monday, October 17, 2011

Time for Wine

Let me preface this post: Any and all alcohol consumption should be done by persons 21 and older, or where legal in the state in which you live.

Hubby and I are not big drinkers. A glass of wine during holidays or social occasions. I am a HUGE fan of sweet wines.

I recently opened a bottle of  Flip Flop Moscato Wine. It was amazing. Having already stated I am not a huge drinker, I will say that I had 2.5 glasses that evening. It was just that fabulous!

My In-laws happened to be over after a vacation and my Mother-In-Law is a Moscato lover as well, so I let her have a glass. She then happened upon my 2nd bottle in the fridge and adopted it. ☺
Apparently she was having some friends over last weekend and wanted to share the delicious beverage with others.

This Californian wine tastes like Light-bodied Moscato with floral aromas, semi-sweet palate, and a soft, lingering finish.

Flip Flop Wines not only makes great wines, but they also help the community. This one of the reasons I stay with their product.

Currently, Flip Flop Wines is hosting a Blogger "good deeds challenge". Though I am not participating currently, this challenge is very noteworthy.
Soles4Souls and Flip Flop Wines work hand in hand to provide gently used shoes to impoverished areas.

If you have a chance to try any of these wines, please do so!
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  1. Hi Tara!

    We're very glad you and your husband (and your mother-in-law) enjoyed the wines!
    Thank you for writing about Soles4Souls in your post. We're glad that your readers will be able to learn about Soles4Souls and hopefully get involved themselves!


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