Wednesday, November 16, 2011

12 Days of Gifts Galore Sponsor Spotlight - Jeff Gold's "Escapes" Relaxation CD

Jeff Gold's "Escapes" is a full hour of acoustic guitars, piano, strings
and flutes, healing tunes that are melodic and uplifting...
Perfect for Spas, Massage and Yoga, "Escapes" has also become popular as
Music Therapy, especially with parents of children with autism to help
them relax and sleep...
Mom's like to listen with their young children to help everyone relax...
it’s great at homework time, long drives and after long days....And that
it's especially soothing after drawing a warm bath....surrounded by
candlelight.......A perfect Holiday stocking stuffer for Mom!

Jeff Gold Music

You can download the song "Del Playa" free at:

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