Wednesday, November 23, 2011

12 Days of Gifts Galore Sponsor Spotlight - The Compliment Quotient

Denver author, mompreneur and America’s ‘complimentologist’ Monica Strobel announces the new Gratualriline of Compliments Gifts including Compliments Charm Necklaces and Compliment A Day inspiring cards gift sets. Meaning “to wish joy” from the root of congratulations, these new Gratulari gift items convey appreciation,recognition, encouragement and esteem, all wrapped up in simple compliment messages.
Mothers everywhere are concerned that their daughters know and grow their self-worth. Gratulari Compliments Charm Necklaces are a delightful way to remind them--and friends, sisters, co-workers or mom--how appreciated they are with affirming messages on eye-catching jewelry they’lllove to wear.
“The Compliments Charm Necklaces are more than simple presents. These uplifting gifts make everyone feel recognized and special when they’re opened and offer an inspiring, loving reminder when worn,” Strobel said.
The Gratulari Compliments Charm Necklace line features more than 16 different two-sided, silver-plated charms with a compliment phrase on one side, including you are Beautiful, you are Amazing, you are Brilliant, and designs on the other side in bold, classic, playful and ethnic styles.

Winner will receive one Compliment Charm Necklace of your choice from the Gratulari Compliments Gifts Line  (ARV $13.95)

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