Saturday, November 26, 2011

3 Weeks

One more day of Thanksgiving break (Sunday counts right?) and then there is only 3 weeks of school before the Holiday break begins.

The boys are excited to share their Legoland fun with their friends but are already looking forward to the break.

I have things planned for our break already, in case anyone gets bored.

We don't get to make snowman and the boys don't like the beach too much (yet), so those are not things we partake in. We have activities and friends in the neighborhood.

We'll be working on helping our community and making some families a little more hopeful. It's important that in the time of receiving gifts, that we also give back. That's what I want most for my boys.
They will be spoiled with toys and gifts, but they also need to help. Help those less fortunate this season.

I cannot believe 2012 is right around the corner.. Seriously, didn't we just do this ?

The years seem to go by faster, the older I get!

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