Sunday, November 27, 2011

Original Green Glider

So this evening, I was outside checking on my 6yo who was playing with his friends and a mom and her son were walking down the sidewalk. We had met briefly in early 2010, while our children were still in [different] preschools.

It turns our her son and one of the boys on our street are in the same kindergarten class. He happened to not be home, but my son and his best friend were playing outside, so he joined right in.

She and I were talking and she was saying how (just 2 blocks over) there were not kids for her son to play with so I offered to let him play on our street with the boys after school. She works from home and when she gets her son, he is indoors while his mom, runs her business and works from in the home.

I asked what she did and come to find out, she INVENTED a product. How cool!\

The Green Glider is a reusable "swiffer" type pad for all type of mops. Green Glider fits most standard 10” rectangular mop heads. Attach the pad to an existing mop system and clean away. Once the pad has been used, toss it in the washing machine, let it air dry and then reuse.

She was featured in a local online newspaper The Palm Harbor Patch over the summer.

You can buy them online.

I think it's a cool idea. I don't actually own one of these mops, so I haven't purchased one of my own.
Is this something you would use? Is a product that will help you in your home?

Tell me your thoughts!

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