Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Surviving Black Friday:Tips From a Pro

As Thanksgiving grows close, many people look forward to eating turkey with the family, watching football, and enjoying the fall season. Even more people look forward to one of the greatest shopping events right after Thanksgiving: Black Friday.
Black Friday can be an amazing time for find great deals on a variety of products. However, it's important to plan a Black Friday shopping trip to maximize savings. Many stores will offer 'teaser' items to bring guests into a store, with many other items at moderately discounted prices. These teaser items are often called loss leaders, as a store will lose money selling them. These products are usually the first to sell out, leaving some people empty-handed.
Before a Black Friday shopping trip, gather sales flyers from local stores.Create a list of items that you want, and concentrate on those. Make sure to compare prices of the items seen on Black Friday flyers to prices found online-- some retail stores will have Black Friday prices that are higher than regular prices found in online stores.
After finding the items you want to buy on Black Friday, it's important to know the number a retail store will have in stock. A highly discounted LED TV,laptop, or other electronic device will usually sell out quickly. On the day before Black Friday, call a store to check the number of items they have available. If a sales clerk says they can't release this information, try calling again in an hour. Oftentimes, sales clerks will have different interpretations of Black Friday policies. If a store has a large inventory of an item (200+), it's usually possible to arrive at the store at opening time.If the inventory of an item is lower, it may be necessary to arrive at a retail outlet a few hours before the store opens.
Make sure you're using your time wisely on Black Friday. If you're getting to a store 5 hours before opening to get a 30 dollar discount, you're working for less than minimum wage. So don’t become over anxious without thinking it through. Your time is just as valuable as your money, so make sure that it isn't wasted waiting for poor deals.
After getting into a retail store, go straight to the desired item, and place it in a shopping cart. Until the item is in the cart, don't get distracted by any other sales flyers or specials. If traveling with a group of people, have several friends of family members fan out to check the store for good deals.Have everyone get their own buggy, and put all discounted items in shopping carts. After regrouping, pick and choose through the shopping carts to find the items you wish to buy, and leave the other items at the checkout. Good luck shopping!

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