Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Building a Gingerbread House

I confess, in my 38 years, this is the very 1st time I have ever created a gingerbread house.

I don't like gingerbread, so I'm not eating it, but the boys had fun creating their little eatable house and all 4 boys (kiddos + hubby) really enjoyed eating it.

Hubby brought home a kit from work. The boys were so excited today and my poor Anth waited all day to do it.

Putting together the house wasn't so hard but the icing bag seam busted (right in the center of the bag too, wouldn't ya know it) and the gum drops and I had some words!

But in the end, the memories made with my boys were worth doing a million times over !!!

Enjoy our photo slide show :)


  1. I have never tried building a gingerbread house! I am intimidated by all the frosting!

  2. that is awesome- we just built ours yesterday as well :)


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