Saturday, December 3, 2011

Green Glider Reusable Mop Pad [Giveaway]

The Green Glider is a reusable "swiffer" type pad for all type of mops. Green Glider fits most standard 10” rectangular mop heads. Attach the pad to an existing mop system and clean away. Once the pad has been used, toss it in the washing machine, let it air dry and then reuse.

Consider this pad as an "upgrade" to your current disposable cleaning pad.

The owner and inventor, Tanya Lewis, stopped by my house and allowed me the opportunity to try it for myself with her wet jet mop. It cleaner better than the disposable pads AND got the floor area closest to the baseboards where the disposable pads don't get. I even had the privilege to see the "infomercial" which is not yet available! Yes, I feel cool!

She showed the a "cut" version of the Green Glider (pictured above, not too bad with my cell phone). She explained to me the patented Microfiber and Shammy materials that work so well together.
While the Microfiber picks up the dirt, the Shammy (think SHAMWOW!) absorbs the water.

Not only does it clean absorb, but you throw it in the washer, and let it air dry (so it doesn't shrink) and you can use it over and over and over!

Tanya was nice enough to hand over one of these amazing products to me so that I can share it with one of you!

Ends 12/13 12:01am EST