Saturday, December 10, 2011

GUM children's toothbrushes [review]

You wouldn't think toothbrushes get kids excited, but my boys love getting new toothbrushes.

We recently received some new Crayola GUM toothbrushes for the boys to try out.

4 different types arrived, much to our delight. It just so happens, my oldests best Friend was over at the time and he saw the light up toothbrush and Luke (my oldest) told him what it was about and offered it to him.

The Flashing Light Timer toothbrush flashed for 1 minute. This is the length of time our children are "supposed" to brush their teeth. Luke's friend loves the toothbrush, his Mom loves that she doesn't have to tell him to keep brushing, oh and the fact that his older brothers didn't get one makes him smile ;)
We did also receive a pink Power Toothbrush, which we gave to the boy's little sister. None of my boys would use it, even in the privacy of their own home. Little J loves it and her mom says that the bristles aren't too big for her little teeth. She was never a big tooth bushing girl, but this seems to have enticed her to brush more.

My boys are currently using their toothbrushes. The 2 smaller boys are using the Pip Squeakers while my oldest is using the GUM Marker toothbrush. The colors keep them from using each others and my youngest loves that his toothbrush smiles at him.

Kids Toothbrushes are so colorful now, catering to their favorite characters, hobbies, and colors.

Gum has some amazing products for kids and you can find them at your local retailer or online on their website. While we always make sure our children's teeth are healthy, it is important to keep ours healthy as well. Make sure when you stuff your child's, teens, or grandchild's stocking with goodies (like a new GUM toothbrush), put one in your spouses stocking and yours as well.

We love those pearly whites !!!

Disclosure: The items shown above were provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are those of myself and my family. No monetary compensation was provided.

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  1. Those are really cute toothbrushes! Fun stocking stuffer idea!


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