Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Decorations in my home

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays.
I'm not all about the receiving gifts, I l♥ve the decorating and wrapping and activities that go on in our home for the month of December.

Yes, I do decorate the day after Thanksgiving. I did wait til the weekend to allow hubby to do the lights outside of the house. But the inside was done and continues to be added to when I find a must have :)

We do have an artificial tree. One year, we purchased a live tree, but my Jack Russell drank tree water and got sick all over the house, soooo, we decided it just wasn't a wise idea. We had a tree that had fiber optic strands all over it and changed colors but last year, hubby decided he wanted something new. We agreed on a tree but couldn't find it anywhere. My hubby and oldest son had gone out for the day and when they arrived home, they brought our new tree. They had to travel a distance but it was worth it.
It's a 6 foot tree with faux snow on it. It reminds hubby of home.

Our ornaments are all special. Some we painted before we had kids, some our kids made. We have our ornament we purchased on our honeymoon and it's the 1st ornament that goes on the tree every year.

I wanted to share some photos with you, since I share so much of everything else!

The tree, in the daytime, and then lit up in the evening.

Our Christmas Calendar on the door we use most.
The boys can not mistake what day it is.

We don't have a fireplace but we have a ledge by the front door
that is perfect for our stockings. Yes, I need new ones!

This is the favorite decoration of the boys. I think it's funny.
I probably said the same thing growing up about my brother!

This year we purchased a centerpiece from the Cub Scouts (well, from my son)
It's fresh evergreen with a soy candle. Very fragrant and beautiful.

And I saved the best for last. My MIL gave me this 13 years ago when we bought our home.
our beautiful porcelain Nativity scene is in our family room and away from little hands.
It is the first thing you see when you walk in here. It helps to remind my children of what
Christmas is all about.

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  1. I love your decorations, they are lovely! I'm the same way with ornaments, each ornament on my tree has a special story behind it. :)


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