Thursday, December 1, 2011

How do you support your favorite sports team?

I love sports, well some sports.
I willingly go to Football and Hockey, I will go to a baseball game if hubby gets tickets from work.
We are a family of golfers so that's a given.

I was raised a New Orleans Saints Fan. Yes, I bleed Black and Gold and yell "Who Dat" when they score a touchdown (especially if playing a team my hubby is cheering for). I am a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan as I have lived here in the area for 22 years now. I like them, My oldest son was almost 2 months old as we sat in my in-laws living room as they won their 1st ever SuperBowl!

My husband is a dedicated Steelers Fan. Whether they play bad or good, he stands behind those 3 stars on the players helmets.

I've seen [on tv] the fans who dress up and go to the games. They are awesome and courageous for doing so. but when they get home, their costume comes off.

Today, while little man & I were at Publix, I found a die-hard fan. As I walked back to my van, the swirling of colors caught my eye. He is a Denver Bronco's fan. You will never mistake who he cheers for during football season.

I can't even describe the site. But I will say from top to bottom, back to front.. He is all Broncos!

I didn't walk around the other side of the car, but yes, there are players all over this man's car. Shannon Sharpe is on the trunk.

As I was sending these photos to my husband, the man got into his car and drove away. I believe he may dress in Blue and Orange during Bronos games.

How die-hard are you about your favorite team?

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