Monday, December 26, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

Mom vs the Boys

On Mom Vs. the Boys (another mom with 3 boys), she posted a link on her facebook page to a great blog about a family who Chronicles their Random Acts of Kindness.

The Tilford Family Random Acts of Kindness Project is a blog about a family of 4 and their RAOK. These RAOK range from opening doors, thank you notes,
helping families in need [ones they know and ones they don't].

I read several pages of blog entry posts and it warmed my heart at the kindness this family bestows on family, neighbors, and strangers.


This also prompts me to tell you about MY neighbor. Her family of 6 struggles on 1 income and they will be moving within the next week to a less expensive home. This makes my 9yo sad because this is his best friend and family.

She called me yesterday to tell me about her Christmas miracle. Her family received a Christmas Jar.
She initially thought it was someone she knew, but it turns out, the jar was put in her hubby's truck while he and his son were at the beach on Christmas Eve (yes, you read that correctly, it was 80 here Christmas Weekend). She did not give me a $$ amount, but told me there were some $1's, change, and a $50 bill. They were beside themselves.

A Christmas Jar is a pickle jar, peanut butter jar, Mason jar or whatever else you have around to collect your spare change each day. All coins are dedicated to the jar, and during the week before Christmas you carefully select someone to give it to anonymously. Simply put your jar on their porch, in their car, on their desk--wherever--and you could change their life for good!
You'll be surprised how much change you can generate and how much you can affect someone's life.

I love these wonderful gifts from families, to families. I love that these RAOK teach our children that giving has rewards, the kind that touch their hearts. I love that we can make a difference in a HUGE way by so many SMALL efforts!

 I want to begin my own jar, my own RAOK. These idea are amazing and fabulous! I want my children to participate in the joy of giving to others, a practice we already do with our community project, but we can always do more to help, assist, and make others smile!

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  1. What a wonderful story and idea - thank you for sharing this!


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