Sunday, December 4, 2011

Scouts and a review to come [hey, and they are not related] ☺

I am proud [even more so than usual] of the boys in our Cub Scout Pack. Today we went caroling at a local nursing home.
We had 17 boys, their siblings, and parents who sang carols for the elderly int heir gathering hall. Then we broke into groups and sang to the residents who could not leave their beds.

The boys handed out cards they made during their Den meetings. One of the boys in my den wrote "Go Elderly", and my own precious 9 year old wrote" I really like elderly people. Get better soon".

They were all well behaved and respectful and listened to the stories and laughed when the residents laughed. Makes a Mom proud!

Today, before we left to head caroling, I reviewed a product. I am wearing feather hair extensions right now. Tomorrow, I'll be adding another one in a video review, as well as a giveaway for this awesome product!

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