Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Creating your Google Plus Widget

I saw a widget on someone else's blog yesterday and thought, I need one !!
She couldn't remember where she found it and advised googling..
Duh, Tara !

Here is the site I used for my widget.

It was super simple!

I was able to customize the size so it fit perfectly on my sidebar and when I updated my photo in
Google +, the widget automatically updated. Even better!

GFC will be going away in March for anyone not using "blogger" to host their site.

I do use Blogger, but also know that Google Friend Connect (GFC) could leave this platform as well, so I am preparing myself.

Google + will be a staple in my giveaways as an additional entry, so if you choose to add me to your circles, just 1 time, It will be easy for future giveaways...

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