Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dollar Stretcher Tip


I had always heard to shop with cash, but to me, that also included debit cards and checks.
I realized that when buying something even if I had plenty of cash in my wallet,
I would always reach for my debit card instead.

Forget that.

I have started using only actual paper cash and leave the debit card and checkbook at home.
It creates a sort of "pain" as items are decided over since I know I have no debit card safety net if I overspend. Even when having the entire month's grocery budget in cash on me
(plenty for the weekly trip), I automatically was more frugal with my choices
because I didn't want to part with the cash.
I immediately knocked down my grocery spending by about 75% by doing this because
I was forced to decide if items were really needed.
I am amazed at how something so simple could work so well.

I absolutely love the Dollar Stretcher Website...

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  1. I couldn't agree with you if only I was more disciplined to carry this out! Thanks for the encouragement to do so!


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