Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Double Tasking courtesy of Dollar Stretcher Tips

Double Tasking
While my slow computer is booting up, I make my bed.
A neat home makes my time working at home more cheerful.

While the coffee is brewing, I wash any leftover dishes from the night before. A neat home makes me feel more organized, which makes my freelance work from home go more smoothly.

While I walk to the store, I save by not joining a gym and also get toned muscles carrying groceries (and save money not owning a car). I do bicep exercises with the grocery bags.

Double-tasking is not stressful at all since they go so well together, and I "stay present" in all the tasks I do. Double-tasking saves me money and time that I can spend lounging in my backyard enjoying nature or reading a good book.

These are great ideas for any of us.
As Moms, we are used to multi-tasking!

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