Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Giving on a Budget - Tailoring your gifts

We all love to receive gifts. Most of us like to give them.
I love when someone knows me well enough to provide some very personal.
Not everyone is so lucky.
When choosing a gift while on a budget, it doesn't mean you have to go crazy at the store. If you are giving to a person you know, tailor their gift specifically to them.

You can bake cookies, knit a hat or scarf, scrapbook a special memory book for them
(if you happen to have those photos handy).

Sometimes crafty just doesn't work. I have many a friend who cannot bake to save their lives.
There are so many options. You can create "coupons" and
provide that as a gift or token of appreciation.

Here are some examples:
•Babysitting, or Petsitting while someone is away.
•Walking someone's dog for them, especially if they have fallen ill.
•Wash their car
•Make them a meal.
Even household items can be gifted:
•Mow a yard (I have personally done this one for a neighbor and it was very much appreciated)
•Fix Something (is a mailbox hanging by a thread, a fence panel broken, even changing the fluorescent light bulb in the kitchen)
These are great ideas for family, friends, and neighbors. Gifts of your time and talents are appreciated as much as [if not more sometimes] than those that you have purchased.


  1. Good ideas! Thanks for sharing

  2. Love this tips, I use my blog and fb winnings for gifts,


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