Saturday, January 7, 2012

Making gifts Magical, the Disney way

Are you a fan of the most magical place on earth?

Walt Disney World & Disneyland are some of the most magical places to a great majority of the population. Whether it's you 1st time there or your 50th, the magic, the sense of joy, is always there.

Many people have collectibles from WDW that are tangible. Ones you can touch and admire. But did you know that another type of cherished gift could be Disney stock.

With, you can research Disney gift ideas that your recipient can treasure when others break, the paint chips, or the shine is gone.

Disney stock is a collectible that will gain value over time. This low risk investment is a great asset to anyone's financial portfolio. It also makes a great beginning stock to purchase.

The stock certificate comes with beautiful colors and can be purchased with or without a frame.

Purchasing from directly ensures you are getting a true stock right from Walt Disney.

Your stock certificate holds cherished childhood memories close and keeps future ones alive.

If you are a seasoned Disney collector or new to collecting any line of memorabilia, purchasing Walt Disney stock will undoubtedly provide the same result for you or anyone you gift it to..

The joy in knowing that YOU have made a low-risk financial investment in dreams, in joy, and in the future.

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  1. In The Disney Way, Capodagli and Jackson write:
    "Disney's financial record is impressive. It continually proves to be a solid investment. One thousand dollars invested in Disney stock in 1984, for example, would be worth nearly $25,000 today, representing an 18 percent compound annual growth rate. By comparison, a similar investment in the S & P Index of 500 stocks would be worth a little over $8000.00, representing a 12 percent compund annual growth rate." Please note that these figures are lower in the current economy...but certainly, Disney is still a great investment!


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