Sunday, January 15, 2012

A new type of posting for me -

I am a family friendly blog so when I pondered writing an article for Eden Fantasys, it was difficult to imagine how I could make this work.

There is so much more to my life than my children (though they are the main part), there is also my husband. To be fair, the kids well, wouldn't be here if not for him. Right!

So I am attempting to put my best non-Mom foot forward and focus on the Wife in me!

With age and the length of our relationship, has come a comfortable routine. Especially when kids abound in the house. Alone time sometimes is difficult. Whether we are tired, or someone is sick, or just "not in the mood".. excuses are easy to come by and then the routine becomes stale.

So I checked out the Eden Fantasys Shop, you know, just to get ideas, see what they have.

I went right to the clothing and to my delight, they did have a Plus Size section with some not so over the top selections. Hubby raised an eyebrow at the opportunity and mentioned that Valentines Day was coming and I should take a closer look at some items. Okay...

So here are some items I am going to look further into:
•The White Love is Beautiful bustier. I like the ruffles at the bottom and it could potentially hide a lot of wiggle jiggle ;)
•The Red sequin accented chemise and thong is very Valentine's Day-ish, as is the,
Red moonlight magic gown

I was also happy to see a Beauty and Body section with Makeup, Skincare, and Bath and Body items.

I think I could definitely pamper myself with some of the bath items and at the same time, catch hubby off guard in one of the sexy lingerie items above.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store This is a sponsored post, written solely by me, with my own opinions. I have followed guidelines per the FTC guidelines and EdenFantasys.

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