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Giving to children.. On a budget

We all want to give our children a better childhood. We want them to have the opportunities we never had. But we also see how many children in our own communities, and all over the world that that have nothing, or close to it.

There are many ways and many outlets you can utilize to provide
to children without breaking the bank.

If you and your family have outgrown shoes, a great organization is Soles4souls. This organization provides footwear to people all over the world, yes, even here in the U.S. Soles4Souls accepts all types of shoes for all types of people: athletic, running, dress, sandals, pumps, heels, work boots, cleats, dance, flip flops, just as long as they are new or gently worn. They even accept half pairs in the hopes to match them up eventually.

Many of use pass along our children’s clothes to family or friends. Many go to consignment stores in the hopes of getting a small payout or getting clothes in exchange in the size our children are in now. But there are children, even in my son’s school, who wear the same clothes multiple times a week.
A Christmas, we adopted 2 boys during the school Outreach and on their list, were clothes. I am an avid couponer and during holidays, the coupons about. Mix those coupons with sales and you can get nice clothes for next to nothing. The clearance racks are a great place for clothing as well. Many churches (call local churches to ask) keep a small stock of clothing, food, and necessities for families who look to them for aid.
School Supplies are another item, while most parents can afford, there are some who cannot. Certain times of the year, I see school supplies on clearance. Last year, when the school supplies clearance was winding down, I purchased about 30 spiral and composition notebooks for $0.05 each. Glue sticks and pencils for $.20 [more than 1 item in the package] and pencil bags for $.30 each. Backpacks were only $2-4 as they were putting away Summer items.
While I used some of the items and made backpacks for our local Food Bank to hand out to their littlest clients, I donated some to local organizations who were having school supply drives.
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If you are looking for toys, always check out clearance toys. Don’t forget the $1 Bin at many retailers have great items and after a specific season or extended time frame, those $1 items can go to 50% off.

One other way to gather items for giving is by entering sweepstakes. There are many giveaway by large and small companies, local and worldwide and tons of bloggers who have amazing giveaways. Some or for large items, gift certificates, small and personal items. Even cash !!!
If you don’t have children at home, it’s still okay to enter these. You can donate them or give them as gifts!

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  1. Parents, aunts, uncles, teachers, should think about giving children books (on a budget). If you can't afford new books, then a used book, in good condition will do. Online, used books can cost as little as a penny, plus shipping. For $4., sometimes, you've got a great gift, that a child might keep forever, and pass on to his or her children.

    This is a list of best books for children from teachers, librarians and awards for children.

    Books will do more for your child than movies or video games, it will put them ahead in the race if you choose wisely.


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