Wednesday, February 8, 2012

NYC - visiting, living, and fellow bloggers

My Sister-in-Law is a designer in Brooklyn, New York, so I love reading about all things NYC. I was especially intrigued by a fellow Mom Blogger, MamaGoesBam, and her adventure in a new NYC store.
Her post IKEA was Made for New York Living, shows me all these great things that look like they were made just for New York City!

I hear the apartments are small, the subways can be crowded and I can't imagine not having a car (something my SIL dearly misses about living in FL).

Photo Credit: MamaGoesBAM

This is something that I am sure makes for a great use of space in a NYC apartment or house, but each of my 3 boys want one of their own!

I love the items she shows on her photo journey. This NYC Mama really knows where the great shops are! Check out her visit to a great new store (opening soon) J&R JR Launch Feb 2012

I have been to NYC 2 times. Once with no children, though I was halfway through a pregnancy with my 1st and then 2 years ago with all 3 of my boys. It was quite an adventure.

I want to get back to NYC with the boys, but not until they are older. It's difficult traveling with a toddler, and then adding 2 more boys and Daddy who dislikes being rushed and big crowds.

I want to take them to the amazing museums, through Central Park, and get through of more of the Statue of Liberty, since we got hit with monsoon like rain during our last attempt. When they are older, I can explain 9/11/01 to them and we can experience the memorial site. My hubby and I were there in June of 2002, so the site was still rubble and being cleared out.

I would love to visit The Big Apple and meet up with fellow Mom Bloggers as well!

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