Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our Christmas Jar Update

For those of you who remember my RAOK post,
or the beginnings of our Christmas Jar from 12/29/11,
I just wanted to give a small update on our progress.

We are still continuing our quest to make a difference when the
Christmas 2012 Holiday season rolls around.

Here is our jar as of 2/9/12:

This is a Spaghetti Sauce Jar and it's just about1/4 of the way filled.
Not too terribly bad for less than 2 months of collecting.

We've decided, after polling some of my readers, that we are going to [hoping to] make as many smaller jars as possible once the season is upon us.

We would like to fill the jar completely by the time school gets out (in early June), so we can cash in our change (get some dollar bills) and start anew with change again.

I am not sure how much is in the jar, we are not counting it, but I am happy with our progress.

Even my littlest has given pennies he has found to the jar.

I like that it's a family affair!


  1. Such a wonderful thing you and your kids are doing! Keep it up!


  2. I used to wait tables...I kept ALL the change I made in a jar. This was my Christmas money...usually about $2000.00! My father in law saves change for years, then cashes it in for a down payment on a new car or a nice long vaca.!

  3. What a great idea and a wonderful lesson for your children!

  4. are you putting all the change from your pockets at the end of the day? This is an awesome way to show your children the value of charity work.

    myfreebi3s at yahoo dot com

  5. Jude, we empty pockets and purse daily and then i take the change from my car once a week.
    I cannot wait until we can execute this at the end of the year!


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