Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Entries for my giveaways

Do you enter giveaways on blogs? Of course! So do I..
But now there is some controversy on how to get the news, giveaways, reviews, and other tidbits out to our readers who follow our blogs.

Some of the blogs (not on blogger) have lost the ability to use GFC (Google Friend Connect). I took mine down but will be adding it back onto my blog.
Google introduced Google + Circles. Many of us jumped on the bandwagon hoping to gain new readers/followers.

Let me give you 2 of the reasons why following a blog is important to bloggers:
1) It lets us know that someone is actually reading our content (whether it's only for a giveaway or whether you really like us)

2)PR Companies give really great products to review and (most importantly) to giveaway when a blog has a great number of views/readers/followers/subscribers

There has been some discussion over whether bloggers should use Google + Circle for giveaways.
Does it provide a true readership for us? Is it just an extra entry?
Google's numbers become inflated because we ask you to join our circles, but then some never interact.

Facebook has had similar issues in the past and has set clear guidelines for bloggers. Some bloggers feel that Google has made a clear definition for companies but as a blogger, I am not a company, I am an individual. Should I could the other 4 people in my house as employees since they review products? Maybe.. Sometimes they are just unwilling participants who deal with me because they have to ( and because I ramble, you know that right ☺)

So as of right now, I am holding off on adding Google + circles to any future giveaways. There are still plenty of ways for you to gain extra entries for the giveaways/contests/promotions offered on my site.

I would very much like to know how you feel about entries into giveaways. I am adding a poll for you. If you would be so kind as to fill it out, it's completely anonymous of course. This will give me an idea as to how YOU would like to interact with my blog.

Thanks as always

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