Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Giving of your time

Yesterday, while out running errands, I saw sign at different places asking for volunteers.
Largo Park, the library, and I know our Elementary School is always in need of volunteers for their various events and projects.

Do you give your time?

I am not talking about the mandatory concession stand time during little league, football or sports.

Photo Credit: Seminole County Fl Gov Website
I mean, out of your comfort zone kind of volunteering.

While many of us who have small children have difficulty meeting time constraints (or the fact they they don't want kids running around), there are still so many people who take the time and make a difference. Are YOU one of those people.

I am sure there are many small places in the area in which you live, and even some large ones, that have opportunities posted, but sometimes, we immediately go online..
I researched and found some places in my area.

Food Banks and churches came up first. Then, the county in which I live, actually has a site of volunteer opportunities categorized by type. I had no idea there were so many places within the county government setting that needed volunteers.

Also, Habitat for Humanity. Love this one! So many families cannot afford housing and the work that Habitat for Humanity does really helps so many. I know it's hard work, but the care and love that you are putting into this organization probably matches the appreciation of the family who will live in that home.

Volunteering typically does not cost money, just time.

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