Monday, April 30, 2012

3rd Birthday Party for my little man [just a tad bit late]

So at the beginning of April, my littlest turned 3, and here I am posting on the last day of the month.
Well, better late than never I guess...

We had a small party at home, just friends and family...

Our regular sitter made his cake. Her mom was bragging about her abilities and we discovered Miss M wants to go to culinary school, so she graciously created CJ's Chuggington cake, per his request..

CJ was happy to have
Brewster, Koko, and Wilson

I won't bore you with present photos but I will share more cake fun because he was just so cute!

Happy to be 3 !

My princess G and CJ blowing out all the candles!!

CJ talking to his Uncle Paul (who was at Army Drill ), but if you notice, Anthony was ready for some cake!

All in all, it was a wonderful day and everyone was gracious, polite, and happy!

My last little boy is now 3.. Where does the time go?

Then: April 2009

Now: April 2012

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  1. Those cakes are wonderful! What a lucky little boy! My youngest turned 4 on the 27th! :)