Saturday, April 7, 2012

Guess the correct # and win $5.00 Paypal!!

There are Charms Blow Pop Minis in this glass.

Guess How many there are and win a $5.00 Paypal!

Closed > 8:10 PM 4/7/12 * No Winning Guesses
The Correct number was 42
There are less than 50, but more than 20
**Hint #2**
I still have 3.5 years until I hit this # (in birthday time)
Your answer must be posted in the comments section of this blog post.

The 1st person to correctly guess the number will be the winner. You may only guess 1 time.
Do not comment on Facebook, Twitter, or any other blog post.

Have fun !!

Once the correct number is chosen, I will close the giveaway.


  1. well since both 34 and 36 are taken I will go with 35 and split the difference :D

  2. Don't forget, if you post as Anon, I won't be able to email you... Please make sure I can send you that winning email!

  3. 27
    Alicia Garrett

  4. 43

    1. OMG! I just read the 2nd 'HINT' please don't be offended by my look NO WAY NEAR that age! & if it makes ya feel any better- the guess is actually my age-LOL mia=)

    2. No offense and you were no off of the number too far !

  5. 40



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