Friday, April 6, 2012

Healthy eating and living tips from Alison Sweeney

I am a Yoplait Swapper. My family enjoys delicious Yoplait yogurt, we exercise together and do our best to stay healthy.

Alison Sweeney, who is the Yoplait Light spokesperson , as well as, host of The Biggest Loser and Hollywood Girls Night, has provided busy moms with some tips for healthy living.

· Make exercise a regular part of your schedule and try something new all the time.

· Eat at home as often as you can. Home-cooked meals are good for the soul, and the body!

· Take time every day for yourself. Even if it's just a couple pages of a novel before you go to bed.

· Find happiness in small parts of your day -- even at snack time. You can enjoy eating what you
love, by just making a healthier choice. I like a Red Velvet Cake Yoplait Light because it tastes great and saves me a bunch of calories vs. a real slice.

· Get plenty of rest! (this is something I am terrible at) getting a good night sleep always helps you stay healthy and feel better the next

· Enjoy the journey! We all set such high goals and standards for ourselves, sometimes we forget that it's the process of getting there that supposed to be fun. if we wait until the end to celebrate we're missing out!

Want to grab some yogurt to help your with your healthy living lifestyle?


  1. These are really great tips for eating and living healthy! I tend to not get enough rest, and I know that is not a good thing. But...we do love our Yoplait light yogurt....thanks for the post and coupon link!
    landfjacobson @

  2. Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Rest is such a big thing. If i don't sleep correctly it ruins the rest of the day!

  4. I really think these are some great tips and wish I had the willpower to actually stick with these


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