Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How many forums or groups do you belong to?

As I was going through my emails, it seems I am apart of quite a large number of forums.
Some I had forgotten about until the email arrived, some I check constantly.

Not all of my forums are blogger related. One of my favorites is Online-Sweepstakes. I have been a member there for 8 years. I love their forums, and cherish their sweepstakes pages. I not only host many giveaways and add them to their site, but I enter many too.

I am a part of several Mom forums, blogger forums, Parenting (conception and beyond forums) and the list goes on.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I get emails from all of these different places. I have to remember why I am there.

There are forums for everything under the sun (and probably for the sun too). How many is too many?

Do you concentrate on forming relationships with the members in your forums, or are you only there for the deals, coupons, sweepstakes, or information?

Do you prefer forums where you can earn rewards by logging in? I have seen a couple of those.
Do you count those as true interactive forums or do you log in, browse and log out just to get the points for the day?

As a blogger, I have found that some of my readers I see over and over again, and some follow me during a specific giveaway or promotion and then leave after all is said and done. I never thought of this previous to blogging.

Now with all of these forums, I wonder if it's the same thing. Whether I joined for a specific reason and then never returned once that reason dissolved.

I guess it's time to take inventory of the sites I interact in. I would guess If I cannot remember the password, I should probably remove myself from that site.

How do you feel about forums? Do you join just to join or are you dedicated to a small number?


  1. I'm part of 2 forums.

  2. I am a part of less than 10 forums. I do get emails, but usually I delete most of them. I do love the She Promotes FB group though. I read every email in that one :)


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