Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My kids don't like cheap!

As a SAHM with 3 boys and only my hubby's income to keep us going, I do try to be frugal with my purchases. I love coupons and codes and freebies. But sometimes taking shortcuts don't always work with my kids.

For instance, haircuts at home.
Why spend $30.00 for the 3 boys when I have the same tools. Maybe not the experience but I've never made such a horrible mistake that would make them look funny.
I've cut their hair at home and I've been told [by my 2 oldest] that they would rather be grounded for a month than have me cut their hair. It's a quick trimmer on the back and scissors around the ears, how difficult is it? But I have to fight their tears and hateful faces.
I've decided not to be frugal with the haircuts anymore.

Another frugal route that has backfired on me, are buying cheap shoes.
Are boys supposed to rip apart shoes in less than 6 months? Luke & Anth have put holes in their shoes in less time than that. Now, these shoes are pretty much disposable I've decided. $10.00 at the national chain store that carries everything are just horrible. I cringe at purchasing them $60.00 or more shoes at the mall for fear of the same thing happening but I supposed you get what you pay for, right?

I have a pair of sandals that I've worn since my pregnancy with Luke, and he'll be 10 this fall! And they didn't cost more than $30.00.

My last backfired frugality moment I am going to share today is my "wanna-be" Nintendo purchase from the mall. Do you remember the original Nintendo? We still have games. They are AWESOME!
We decided one Christmas to purchase one of those "off" brands from a mall kiosk that said it was -just like- a real Nintendo. The controllers were similar, the console they had played the games. It was so cool!
We made the purchase and gave it to the boys as a combined gift. The gaming system worked for about a month. Then one controller started acting up. The buttons would stick, the plastic started moving around.  By Valentine's day, it was gone.

Trying to save money shouldn't be a comedy of errors, but sometimes it is!

There are times when I need a break from all life throws at me, especially when disasters like my above mentioned ones occur.

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  1. I hear you on being frugal some time it just cost more to be frugal I've learn by trial and error just as most of us moms have. In the expensive land of living in So Cal I definitely need to be frugal when it makes sense.

  2. I try to be frugal too and I am finding that it is harder and harder to pull off with a 17-year old! He bought his own Nike tennis shoes and paid just under $100 for them. I had a monir heart attack. He's regretting it now because five months later, they have a hole in them! Lesson learned the hard way.

  3. Sometimes you do get what you pay for.


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